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Clive Booth

Clive Booth

Clive Booth is a filmmaker and photographer, who is a member of the Canon Ambassador Programme and the Adobe Influencer Programme.

After a twenty-year career as a graphic designer, working with clients including Toyota, British Airways, Adidas, Waitrose and Boots PLC, Clive Booth decided to follow his lifelong ambition of becoming a photographer and filmmaker.

Booth’s association with the still and moving image first started in the early nineties shooting films in extreme locations for TV including a two-month expedition to Spitsbergen in the high Arctic. Several Scottish and European filming trips followed including climbing and filming on the Eiger, Switzerland for Blue Peter in 1991 earning him a prestigious Blue Peter badge.

He is best known for his distinctive style of selective focus in available, continuous and found light, giving his work an atmospheric, intimate and at times ethereal quality. He is also known for his experimentation with and early adoption of new technologies and techniques.

His clients include Aston Martin, Hackett London, Louis Vuitton, Moet & Chandon, Silhouette Eyewear and MAC Cosmetics.

James Smith

James Smith is the BA (Hons) Photography Course Leader at Norwich University of the Arts.

James’ background includes industrial photography, editorial content for the specialist rock climbing market and work for design agencies. Work undertaken for these companies has involved producing images for literature to promote clients ranging from youth development initiatives to business lawyers.

He has previously held the position of the British Mountaineering Councils official photographer, covering events such as the finals of the World Climbing Championship in Birmingham.

Cat Gundry-Beck

Cat Gundry-Beck

Norwich University of the Arts graduate Cat Gundry-Beck is an Irish photographer splitting her time between Iceland and Ireland.

She graduated with a BA (Hons) Photography degree in 2014, and went on to assist photographers in London, move to Norway to work in an ad agency and run northern lights photography workshops, before making Iceland her home in 2018.

In Iceland Cat has been focusing on lifestyle advertising, music and photography which has taken her up glaciers and to erupting volcanoes. She has worked with clients such as Adobe, Dropbox and Google.org and has been published in the New York Times and British Vogue.

Now splitting her time between Dublin and Reykjavik, Cat loves to travel and is passionate about showing others that it is possible to have a creative career and work in the field you love most.